On December 10, 2021, all our lives changed. Every one of us was impacted by the devastation of the tornado. Whether we suffered personal loss or damages or the emotional impact of seeing our hometown destroyed, no one escaped unscathed.

Now we must decide what to do next. And while the financial, physical, and emotional recovery will take years, we have been presented with a unique opportunity. We can make Mayfield better. We can come together and create a vision for our city’s future and have a say in the way that happens. No, we can’t turn back time or expect our little town to ever look the way it did, and that’s a hard hit for our hearts. But what if we used this tragedy to take control of our tomorrows? This opportunity to create a vision for an even better Mayfield gives all of us a chance to contribute. Every voice can be heard. 

Mayfield Rebuilds gives everyone in our area a chance to express our opinions and pull together to direct our future while honoring our past. We have pulled the best-quality folks; people who have lived here and invested in Mayfield long before a natural disaster struck, to serve on the Steering Committee. We are asking our citizens, you—the ones who for generations to come will have an interest in how this all happens—to come to the table and voice your opinion. The best people to create a new Mayfield are the ones who loved the old one! We are a resilient people. Yes, we have been hurt—and are hurting—but we can do this. We can come together and harness our enthusiasm in the hope of creating a vibrant, thriving community for our children, grandchildren and the generations to come.

Join us. Let’s take this journey together. Let’s dream bigger than we ever have before, Mayfield. And let’s Rebuild.